SkinnyBrands Premium Lager – Reduced Calories

SkinnyBrands Premium Lager is called ‘Skinny’ because it has 35% fewer calories than other premium lagers. That’s just 89 calories per 330ml bottle.

This is because the residual carbohydrates are removed during the brewing process so that there are only 3g per 330ml bottle. This is on average 72% fewer carbs than other premium lagers.

Never Compromise

The Benefits

89 Calories per 330ml Bottle

75 Calories per UK Half Pint

149 Calories per UK Pint

The Benefits

3g Carbs per 330ml Bottle

0.9% Carbs

0.4% Sugar

We have full nutrition tables on all our products and have carried out 3 rd party tests on many premium, light, gluten free, low and no alcohol lagers. Compare Skinny Now


What makes Skinny Full Flavour?

Bitterness measured by the international bitterness scale (IBUs) is an indicator of beer flavour.

Therefore, the higher the bitterness the fuller the flavour and SkinnyBrands weighs in at 13 IBU. Not only is this higher than light lagers but it is also higher than many premium lagers.

This means that SkinnyBrands Premium Lager truly is a full flavour premium lager and NOT a light lager.


Skinny is 4.0% ABV.

Skinny is 4.0% ABV.

SkinnyBrands Premium Lager is a 4.0% ABV lager and is therefore NOT a reduced, low or no alcohol beer.


Alcohol contains calories and therefore one of the easiest ways to reduce the calories in beer is to reduce the alcohol content, however we wanted to create a 4.0% ABV ‘reduced calorie’ premium lager so instead the calorie reduction in Skinny Lager comes from the reduction in carbohydrates at 72% fewer carbohydrates than other premium lagers. And the even trickier bit is that we managed to retain the flavour.

Low and No alcohol products are very important and consumers wishing to reduce their alcohol content or stop altogether should continue to seek out good low&no beers. We do however advocate that consumers should know ALL the nutritional facts when choosing what to consume especially as low&no beers often have increased carbohydrate contents to help increase the flavour profile (due to the lack of alcohol) and so low&no alcohol products whilst being lower in calories are not often as low as consumers think.

35% fewer calories
than other premium lagers